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Google Adsense Revenue Sharing

1 – Earn 90% AdSense revenue from your content: If you have a fully approved AdSense account, you can earn 90% AdSense revenue from your articles and other content in this site that comply with Google AdSense policies. Post great articles and 90% of the AdSense revenue is yours to keep.

2 – The Google AdSense profit sharing service is a means provided by the site management so that the owner of the content of the topic (the original author of the article) can achieve a specific percentage of financial profit through the Google AdSense ads that are within his topic on the site, and in Arab sites the percentage of Google AdSense profit sharing varies from site to site, as The application system differs from one site to another, but in all cases the author’s AdSense account ID (Pub-ID) is placed in his profile on the site, and accordingly these profits are calculated.

Site: Mofeed 24 Magazine is a general profit-sharing site
Which provides an official AdSense profit sharing service, where the profits are divided directly from within the Google AdSense platform itself
And by using any type of account, whether a regular or hosted account, as AdSense has approved the useful magazine site 24 as an official profit-sharing site in 2022
As AdSense itself directly shares the profit by 90% for the author of the article and 10% for managing the site of Mufid24.

The site has been operating since 2022 with a 90% profit sharing system for the author of the article

How to start earning with the profit sharing system

1- Read the Google AdSense Terms carefully.
2- Read our website content  terms and conditions carefully.
3- Correspond with the site manager:( Mohamed Elsayed ) by sending a private message on Messenger (Facebook) containing your e-mail and full name

Contact information

Facebook : Study Abroad – moufed24

Twitter : moufed24_magzine

linkedin :  Moufed24 Magzine

Youtube :  Study Abroad – moufed24

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